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The Band

Meet some of the members of our band.


Buck Buchanan, the guy who first decided we were the All Stars, hails from Tennessee and brings all of that good music with him.  We are not sure how many songs he knows, but there sure are plenty of them in there somewhere.


Ben Buchanan, Buck's little brother, grew up partway in Tennessee and the rest of the way in Texas.  Ben brings us the country side of our music.  Formerly the head of "Ben & the Country Gents", he brings many wonderful old country tunes which have become favorite requests of some of our regular audience, while also adding an equal number of wonderful bluegrass tunes, some of which he has written.


Gloria Buchanan, Ben's wife, adds an enthusiasm that cannot be described and she and her mandolin add a solid back-beat behind the rhythm.


George Smith is a fiddler extraordinaire.  A veteran of Texas Old-Time fiddling, he came to us one day and asked if he could play along with us a little so that he could learn some bluegrass fiddling.  He has been a member of the band ever since.



Cara Cooke is a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, playing bass, harmonica, mandolin, and guitar, and singing harmony.  (She has done each one of these at one time or another for the band whenever she was called upon.)  She is known in the harmonica world as a fiddle-style harmonica player, playing fiddle tunes on the harmonica as if it were a fiddle.  However, she is also well sought for her rock-solid bass work and her uncanny ability to sing harmony to nearly anything or anyone.


Dave Seeman is one of the more beautiful banjo players in Texas.  Many are hard-driving and some can play pretty, but Dave manages a rare combination of all that, then delivers just exactly what is necessary.  He can even play a Celtic tune on the banjo with Cara (on the harmonica) if the mood hits.