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The Manchaca All Stars have been around for many years, but they are little shy of the studio -- all of that electronic stuff, you know.  So here a few recordings where you can take them home.

Manchaca All Stars:  First Attempt
This was the first real opportunity for us all to find ourselves in the studio at the same time.  The goal was to record a live album in the studio that would be reminiscent of our shows out at the Firehall -- so that people could literally "take us home with them".  The CD is $15 (which covers shipping and all) or you can get it at the show discount of $10 when you come see us play.

CTBA Sampler #1:
The Central Texas Bluegrass Association, as a fund-raiser, asked the local bands to submit tunes for their up-coming sampler.  We have always been strong supporters of the bluegrass community here, so we can be found on this CD.  There are about 28 cuts on this sampler -- all good music.  Visit the CTBA website to order this CD.

CTBA Sampler #2:
Well, the first one did such a good job that they did a second sampler.  We are on this one, too, with the harmonica this time.  Another surprise was that the Ledbetters from San Antonio submitted a couple of tunes: one co-written by Cara Cooke (our bass & harmonica player) and a dormant member of the group, Dayne Hatten, where Cara also sings one of the harmony lines; & one tune written by the Ledbetters' fiddle player where he and Cara do a duet -- with Cara on the harmonica.  Visit the CTBA website to order this CD.


Manchaca AllStars: First Attempt

Manchaca All Stars: "First Attempt" can be ordered through manchacaallstars@email.com or at
8102 Cache Drive
Austin, Tx.  78749.